T-ara Treasure Box

Our Approach

We want to share our knowledge of K-pop to others and were having some organizational barriers using the social media apps, so the purpose of this site is to help others learn about the idols we love!

Our Story

One day I decided to try and build a website using my basic knowledge of website building I acquired at work when they threw it on me saying "you're good at tech stuff, right?" So here we are, I'm still figuring this all out, but this lets me at least practice somewhat and it's fun to do

Meet the Team

Look who it is! It's us!

Ethan Unicorn

Ethan LordNoodles

Lord of Noodles

Ethan is an avid kpop fan that started in 2011 after a trip to Taiwan, where he knew nothing. It's all Jennifer's fault, but now he is an avid collector of albums. He knows nothing about boy groups.

K-POP Concerts

  • APINK North American Tour 2016, Dallas, TX
  • Korea Times Music Festival 2016 (ft Red Velvet, AOA, Barbarettes), Hollywood CA
  • KCON 2016 (ft Twice, G-Friend, i.o.i, TTS, Davichi, and Amber), Los Angeles, CA
  • Hyuna North American Tour 2017, Chicago IL
  • Red VelvetĀ First North American Fanmeet 2018 in Chicago, IL


Archivist andĀ  PD48 Head Researcher

Mona has helped tremendously with this site as our archivist and data collector. She's going to win the 2018 World Cup!

Pinky Goblin



This is Pinky aka Kyulkyung aka Zhou aka Jieqong aka Sally. She's a member of IOI and Pristin and LordNoodles, as the Head of Goblins. Really I just wanted to put this accursed picture here.